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Causes of Iron Deficiency

Iron has both a storage pool and a functional pool. Iron deficiency can be absolute (the body’s iron store is empty) or functional (when the release of iron is compromised).

iron depletion

Causes of Iron Deficiency

reduced absorption

Causes of Iron Deficiency

AI gastritis
Bariatric surgery
H pylori
Coeliac disease

inadequate intake

Inadequate intake

Vegetarian/vegan diet Malnutrition

increased body needs

Increased body needs

Infants/ preschoolers Pregnancy EPO treatment Elite athletes

chronic blood loss without anaemia

Chronic blood loss (without anaemia)

GI cancers Donations Heaves menses NSAIDs Haematuria Coagulopathy Steroids

having certain chronic diseases

Having certain chronic diseases*

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Chronic heart failure Chronic kidney disease Celiac disease

*block iron transporters and reduce iron absorption, causing functional iron deficiency.

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